The Knights of the White Lady are a close-knit group of individuals that seek to foster a mature environment that is friendly to people of all backgrounds and sexual orientations. We go out of our way to help each other however we can--whether it be by donating resources, making our crafting skills available to guildmates, or just by being available to help members on quests. While we're interdependent we're not dependent..we all work hard to contribute.

We are striving to maintain an environment that doesn't grow impersonal, and have therefore decided to strongly limit our growth. Unfortunately that means we have had to become quite selective in our admissions process. While we understand our role as a refuge and "safe space" in LOTRO, we need to balance that with our need for camaraderie and closeness.

The prerequisites for guild admission are simple:

1) This is a guild that is open and friendly to people of all backgrounds and sexual orientations (gay, straight, bi, lesbian, transgender). We are NOT a gay-only guild, but if you're not comfortable around LGBT people then this is not the place for you.

2) You are a mature individual who gets along well with others. At this time we are limiting membership to those 18 years of age or older.

3) Whether you prefer adventuring alone or with others, you understand a guild's need to help all members and are willing to donate a bit of your time or resources to help other people out.

4) You play at least semi-regularly. Members who are inactive for a long period of time will eventually be removed from the guild.

If you are still interested in applying, you may do so by filling out the application on this website. There should be a link at the top that lets you register with guildportal and then apply at this site; if you're already registered with guildportal there should be a different link for filling out the application.

We strongly advise you to be as thorough and candid as possible in your answers to the application questions. We will be using your answers as the basis for deciding whether to extend admission.

Once you fill out the application we will read it and accept or deny admission, and will contact you by e-mail either way. If we approve the application we will admit you to the guild in-game for a 60-day period, during which time you will need to garner four "yes" votes from the membership in favor of permanent admission. This should not be difficult for any applicant who makes a minimum effort to group with guildmates, since we're a friendly bunch and happy to vote for our recruits!

Once the officers get the necessary votes, we will meet to consider any additional information and vote on your permanent membership. If you cannot get four "yes" votes during that time and have no extenuating circumstances you will have to leave the guild--but getting the votes should not be at all difficult if you make a minimum of effort, as we're a pretty friendly bunch.

Thanks for reading and for considering us. We hope you will decide to adventure with our merry band!