"Behold! My Shield-bearers!"

Each month, from amongst the Knights of the White Lady, a new Shield-bearer is chosen as the paragon of our mission and spirit. Each one of the past Shield-bearers shown below has given of their time and put forth their best effort to make us a better kinship as we battle the ever-spreading Darkness from Mordor.

"We acknowledge and honour these Shield-bearers of the White Lady, and I salute you!”

~Lady Eowyn~

2018 Shield-bearers

2018 SBOTY Gwaerendes

2018 January Ethglin SBOTM 2018 February Hendi SBOTM 2018 March Rodora

2018 April Tussea SBOTM 2018 May Bjornaer 2018 June Berendal

2018 July Heleri 2018 August Rokkin 2018 September Jakie

2018 November Gwaerendes 2018 December Zegalus

2017 Shield-bearers

2017 SBOTY Heleri

SBOTM March 2017 Jur'ni 2017 May Mhaoldomhnaigh 2017 June Rodgollar 2017 July Aerisdal 2017 August Craebor 2017 September Dinefaer 2017 October Westinn 2017 November Heleri SBOTM 2017 December Menfaren


2016 Shield-bearers

2016 SBOTY Valancy


2016 January Jur'ni February 2016 SBOTM Valancy SBOTM 2016 April Nimbele

2016 May Hved  2016 July Gigglesnhugs  2016 August Elensariel

SBOTM 2016 September Tiddly  SBOTM 2016 November Tieran

2015 Shield-bearers

2015 SBOTY Westinn

 Westinn Littlezee 2015 April SBOTM Umpo June 2015 SBOTM Craebor  SBOTM 2015 July Jurni  August 2015 SBOTM Valancy SBOTM 2015 October Xmmaan November 2015 SBOTM Clariiti Graviiti

2015 December SBOTM Group Photo

2014 Shield-bearers 

2014 Shield-bearer of the Year Reyla


January Shield-Bearer Erlena  Commander Puugar

Aufshere, Warden Westinn-Shield-Bearer-May-2014 June Shield-BearerSept 2014 SBOTM Reyla Aryle, Shield Bearer of October 2014  ShekiahJasani


2013 Shield-bearers 

2013 Shield-Bearer Leofweard 


Hobster January Shield-Bearer  Leofweard February Shield-BearerJaytharan March Shield-BearerFlingdragon April Shield-Bearer  Rhovanael May Shield-Bearer  Tiffers, June Shield-Bearer  Ashigaru, July Shield-Bearer  Crysuilas, October Shield-Bearer  Danoroc, November Shield-Bearer


 December Shield-Bearer Wenstonlad


 2012 Shield-bearers

Rheawen 2012 Shield-Bearer of the Year

      March Shield-Bearer, Venuil

April Shield-Bearer Rheawen   


Rhovanael - October Shield-bearer     


 2011 Shield-bearers

Shield-bearer Shield-bearer Shield-Bearer


2010 Shield-bearers